Your friends try to be helpful, but they just don’t get it. Oftentimes, trying to talk to others about your pain only makes you feel worse.

What if you had the opportunity to connect with divorce professionals who can answer your most pressing questions and explain how to avoid common divorce mistakes?

Research has shown that divorce can lead to issues in children like depression, insecure attachment, and missed developmental milestones. What if someone taught you how to talk to your children about your divorce to help them through the process? What if you learned how to deal with a difficult spouse, set boundaries, and communicate effectively?

Learn how to move through your divorce with CLARITY and CONTROL over your strong emotions.

Thinking clearly while you're going through divorce is difficult. There’s SO MUCH to process at one time: grief, anger, guilt, shame, overwhelm, fear, loneliness...just to name a few. In the first week, you'll learn how to process your feelings, let go of anger, and get organized so that you can make smart decisions in your divorce process and plan your future life!

Transform your self-talk into self-confidence and strengthen self-love.

Learn to recognize your unique gifts and gain your confidence back. Reconnect with who you are and what makes you happy. Share your real truths, discover your own voice, and benefit from the wisdom of others so that you can emerge empowered to be your best self.

The Divorce Priority Tool is your guiding compass THROUGH and BEYOND your divorce. It is based on my 20 years of professional experience empowering hundreds of individuals to re-enter single life happy, healthy, and strong. Get clarity on your goals and the steps you need to take to meet them!

Learn how to co-parent with your ex so that you have less stress and more peace.

Learn techniques to work with your ex, even if they are difficult or narcissistic! Your strengthened communication skills will help you effectively handle difficult conversations like property division, custody and parenting time, child support, and more.

Putting it all together so that you can start your new life with a smile!

Learn to process all of the feelings you’re having about your divorce, rediscover who you are, recognize your strengths, and focus on your future life. Gain hope and get excited about what lies ahead. Craft your new life with happiness, joy, and peace!



Get exclusive access to a private support group where you will form an accountability team who ensures that you have everything you need to exceed your goals.



Get exclusive access to a library of online resources FULL of actionable tips and tools to save you time, money, and heartache.

Jill is kind, down to earth, easy to talk to and just so happens to be a professional in this area and her expertise was insightful and invaluable. The best part of this for me is that she paired us up in smaller groups with others that had similar experiences. My group has become incredibly close. I cannot recommend Jill and her book and program enough. Jill has been a life saver for me!


Shannon J – Chicago, IL USA





Q: How long is the program?

Q: There are other group coaching programs, why join this one?

Q: What kind of people are in the group?

A: The group is composed of both men and women from all over the world who are in all stages of divorce. They are extremely supportive and non-judgmental. The group members are just like you - struggling with some aspect of divorce and looking for a community who understands what they're going through. Get the support and friendship you need to thrive through your divorce! - Privacy Policy - Disclaimer - All Rights Reserved - Terms of Use