How to Navigate the Challenges of Divorce... and Come Out Stronger!



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Going through divorce can be difficult - but it is manageable, and it won't be this hard forever

The 8 Guidelines for Separated and Divorced Parents includes:

  • How do divorced parents find their new normal so they don't get stuck in the turbulent waters of divorce?
  • What are the specific strategies that help maintain calm when you're being pulled at from so many different directions?
  • How do divorced parents create new family routines and traditions?
  • Who are the primary people that you need to get on board during this transitional period?
  • How do you create the structure for communicating with even the most difficult ex?


And so much more!  


Divorce is never easy, but with support, planning, and an intentional focus on creating a safe, healthy environment for your children and yourself, you can persevere and become stronger in the process!

I spoke with Jill when my marriage first broke down.  Her intelligent and compassionate guidance helped me make positive choices for myself and my children during the divorce process.  Now, I’m on the other side, living my new chapter.  Her workbook is a valuable tool.  Thank you, Jill!

-Patti S

Jill Barnett Kaufman, MSW, LCSW

I'm Jill Barnett Kaufman, a divorce and co-parenting expert with over 20 years of experience as a divorce coach, therapist, author, divorce mediator and parent educator. I've helped hundreds of families work through the transitions of divorce with less stress, more confidence and a greater sense of peace. 

A practical, useful, easy-to-use resource for parents as they begin the process of healng. 


-Hugh Bases, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics

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